In today's episode, we compare our "must-do" quick service spots and table service restaurants in Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom, as well as our favorite resort picks. We look at the food, theme, and all around experience to determine our favorites across the WDW theme parks. Thanks for listening!

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In today's episode, we do an overview on the Disney theme parks, covering topics such as attractions, shows, characters, dining, and transportation. It's really hard to boil the WDW parks into 40 minutes of discussion, but we did it!

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Planning a Disney vacation has never been easy, but with all the changes going on around the resort (some happening daily!) it can seem downright impossible. In episode two, we dive into all the changes that may affect your 2021 Disney stay and tell you how to navigate them to make your stay a success!

Welcome and thank you for joining us! In our first episode, we, Todd and Anomaly, introduce ourselves and give you our "Disney backstory" or how we came to love the Disney parks. We then go through our perfect Disney day. What would a day look like where everything was, well, perfect?! We had a lot of fun dreaming up a fantasy itinerary-from the perfect hotel stay to the ideal place to watch fireworks. Along the way, we share some tips to help you have your own "perfect" day!



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